RDC Pop Up Restaurant

The RDC Pop Up restaurant is an initiative that helps to showcase the Red Dish Chronicles students and their capabilities. With a different theme, different menu and sometimes different location each time, the pop up restaurant promises to showcase food in an amazing new light. For more info on our next pop-up restaurant and to make reservations, please visit our events page.

RDC Food Photography

Learn to capture food in an amazingly new light. We can help you capture mouth watering stills for you magazine, adverts, social media posts and many more. We also run Food photography classes for beginners.

To find out dates for our next Food Photography Class, please visit out events page.

Chefs On Demand (COD)

The Chefs on Demand initiative is a platform for Chefs to showcase themselves to the outside world. Customers can find Chefs based on specialty, skills and availability. A unique scoring system also helps keep chefs on their toes.

RDC Gourmet Food Trucks

Street food in Nigeria has never been so alive. RDC Food Trucks offer Gourmet Dishes on the Go! Catch us if you can.

RDC Apparel

Check out our collection on our Apparel Page!

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RED Kitchen Deisgns

We can design your perfect dream kitchen much better than the catalogues. We do home and industrial kitchens. For more info, contact us on 08025960002.