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Restaurant Surfing

I don’t take lots of trips anywhere apart from going to work, a bar for drinks and back home but recently, work made me to explore the city that is Kubwa. Kubwa is a small settlement area in Abuja along the Lokoja express way. I don’t really know or hear anything about the area apart from the fact that one or two people I know live there. Hell I even lived there at some point in 2004 for about 8 months when I first moved to Abuja.

Anyways, work took to me to Kubwa to restaurant surf *lol I love my job die*.

The mission was to go to Kubwa, eat at the different restaurants they have there and write a report about it. I thought I was gonna have the time of my life until I got to Kubwa under the scorching Abuja sun *my cab guys’ AC was bad* *sigh* *Fix up Mr Ilya 🙄* and just found out they have more beer parlours and hotels than restaurants. I literally didn’t have anything to eat the night before so I’d be ready for the restaurants in Kubwa but alas they weren’t ready for me. What they had for me was bread and bread and bread and rice and pounded yam and more bread littered all over the streets. It’s raining Bakeries in Kubwa, why do Nigerians love bread so damn much ?

They had just one pizza place and lol

It’s called The Pizza Place if you want to check it out, I don’t know what to tell you.

I saw so many semo and fufu and moi moi at different restaurants that my love for moi moi just turned into a fleeting feeling of ‘moi moi ain’t really all that’ and I swear if you know me, you know that’s blasphemous. I like moi moi die but Kubwa looked me in the eyes that day and said ‘moi moi ain’t special, it’s everywhere you spoilt brat’ and I really didn’t appreciate that tone.

I mean it was a whole array of Nigerian food and not that anything is wrong with that but it just all looked so basic like it wasn't made with love or anything. I like my food pleasant looking made with love and affection, I’m a softie sue me!

What I’m not gonna do on this post is complain and complain and not profer a solution. Nope. Your girl’s got you.

A new spot is opening in Kubwa very soon *watch this space* and it’s really going to be nothing like whatever is in Kubwa right now. It’s gonna have a bakery too, sigh

I know bread bread bread but I swear it’s gonna be premium bread. So yeah watch out.

P:S I ended up eating at chicken republic 3 different times because I thought there’d be light at the end of the tunnel of the restaurant surfing but nah, I kept going back to chicken republic because you know...”Nice Nice”

That's me walking out distraught after seeing so many loaves of bread.

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