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Learn to cook?


The number one spice of life.

Asides the fact that you cannot live without food and it is key to survival, majority of us DO NOT want to, anyway.

It is a source of joy to most people - foodies - and it brings people together - case study: OWAMBE.

However, in the most recent times, there have been arguments on who really is to provide this food.

Provide - not in the sense of make food available by any means - but to actually cook it.

For as long as we remember, mothers, sisters and women generally have been at the fore front of the food venture; going to the market, sourcing for ingredients, whipping things up in the kitchen whilst the men put their feet up and discuss... football? Politics maybe.

But that era is slowly fading away. (Emphasis on slowly.)

In the culinary atmosphere, the most popular Chefs are male.

(Yes, that might be because it is known to be a female dominated space and having experts of the other sex thrive will by default draw attention, but that is a topic for another day.)

Long and short is: Learn to cook.

Not to please her, not to please him but so you can feed yourself as the grown adult that you are and stop spending ALL of your income on fast food.

I mean, you are grown enough to pee on your own so how about you boil some rice?


Tife Soloye.

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