Free course, 1 year!

This is the story on chances.

This is the story on opportunities.

This is the story of Karen Ekekwe.


A few months ago, Chef Stone decided to do a number of giveaways - September to Remember - where he gave something that a number of followers had been wishing for for a long time.

Here -->

It was a rare one and of course, many people went 'crazy' with their requests.

(Someone asked for 5million dollars.

5 million dollars.

Yes. That happened.)

After filtering measures were implemented, Karen was one of the 4 to scale through to get what she had been asking for for weeks - a professional Chef's course with RDC.

Karen was excited about the course. She took pictures, videos and documented her entire experience.

Take a peek -->

Little did we know that this somewhat small experience would translate into a longer time spent at the RDC Lagos Kitchen. Karen decided to not just take a paid course, but she went ahead to take on the 1 year combination course.

Look here -->

CONTEXT: The 1 year combination costs N940,000.

She definitely thought that small experience was not small, at all.

Her instagram post went thus:

"I officially completed my first 3 months in @reddishchronicles yesterday and I was filled with a lot of emotions. The knowledge and skill I’ve acquired amazes me and I still have a long way to go,I learnt how to make amazing dishes (swipe to view few of my favorite dishes made in school), I learnt how to manage different characters. Being the class representative was a test of my strength but I scaled through in the end. A very big thank you to @reddishchronicles @uberstigg for this great privilege Special shoutout to @hurlarr @chefcupid @missfebruary_27 @chef_tehmy @iam_chef_black @kasfoodie for being the most amazing chef instructors, I’m definitely going to make you guys proud. Here’s to the next 3 months 🥂"

Karen Ekekwe

It is always a good idea to take a chance.

You never know, your free pass today may be your golden invite tomorrow.

The opportunity to try something new is knocking...

....It's high time you answered.

Love always, Tife Soloye.


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