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Excursions in Culinary School?

Its safe to say we all looked forward to excursions growing up, I personally don't think thats even the right term/word for the action but the Nigerian buried somewhere very deep inside me can't be bothered to look for the correct term.

Anyhooo.... we went on 2 'excursions' yesterday; I alongside staff and students of Red Dish Chronicles can boldly say we had the absolute best time at "Loshes World" and "Reds and Greens"

The first stop was Loshes World;

Loshes World boasts of very unique flavored Craft Chocolate, made in Nigeria, using only Nigerian cocoa beans.

Its bean-to-bar, single-origin with absolutely no additives; does it get better than that? i think not.

Theres a popular saying; "Chocolate is the food of the gods" we however found out from the loshes team that it's actually Cocoa Liquor and some chilli, not chocolate itself.

We learnt quite a lot about the long, meticulous and tedious processes involved in chocolate production; from Sorting to Roasting to Winnowing and then Refining.

It was a very thorough tour/excursion but you know we can't give you all the details.

The highlight of the day must have been making our own chocolate bars... Yep! we got to practice all we were taught and it was an all round wonderful, inspiring and enlightening experience.

Armed with our self-made bars, we went on to our next location:

Reds and Greens!!!!

We were there strictly because of the clean butchery -_-

When you want to get meat from the butchers, theres almost always one other thing that welcomes you; FLIES!!!!

Reds and Greens Butchery was a literal breath of fresh air as there wasn't even one fly in sight. If you do a lot of food shopping, you'll understand the relief.

We had a talk-through tour of the place courtesy of the CEO who is the most pleasant person i've met, ever (she really is).

We even got to use some of her cool equipments instead of the regular knives and that.

It was enlightening as we were informed that every. single. part of the animal is useful. I mean; the bone dust is collected and used as dog feed (I bet you didn't know that).

Its great to know that some butchers care about the animal and cut them up the right way. Its also great to know that I can ask for a T-bone cut and get exactly that, the T-bone.

We had the best day yesterday!!!

Loshes world is a beautiful place.

Nigerians are doing great things.

Nigerian Women are doing great things.

Craft Chocolate makers deserve more recognition for the great work they do.

Food is an Art as much as it is a Science.

You can buy meat without flies in Nigeria!!!!

......The Fat Girl Within.xo

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