I actually neverknew there was a culinary school of such standards in Nigeria. I mean i have seen several ‘catering shools’ but never seen a culinary school here. I discovered Red Dish Chronicles by chance and i’m glad i did. I have really come a long way since taking the course. I learnt a whole lot and my internship was an eye opener. To anyone looking to take a course, register now. I’ll be well worth it.

Chef Abdul

It has been a great experience in your classes. I am an experienced Chef and RDC helped develop my skills. You guys have all the time and patience to answer all our questions and concerns.Talking about reception, you are lovely, jovial, not to mention them. Well done. Keep it up

In fact I have acquired more knowledges from you guys, a variety of food and how to prepare them.

Chef Mike

‘I thought I knew how to cook, I thought I knew about food..
I’m the best cook in my house but when I came here? I realized I was wrong…’


We don’t only learn about food or just how to make food but we learn about the science behind food

@zoeyblaq / Zabambam Kitchen

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