The Red Dish Chronicles Culinary school is the number one culinary school in Nigeria, seeking to groom, teach and equip individuals with the skills needed to create, replicate and re-vamp the finest cuisine from around the globe. Our goal is to motivate our students to cross boundaries of traditional methods and explore modern and creative procedures to cuisine as a whole.


1. To help bring Nigeria up to par in the world culinary environment.
2. To offer world class culinary education to Nigerians.
3. To help open up and teach Nigerians the amazing and exciting ways food can be created to make art.
4. To help in the development of the youth by offering alternative career options. (Demands for chefs have tripled over the last 3 years)
5. We are set to raising the bar of Chef Quality in Nigeria.


The Red Dish Culinary Experience offers the the very best in culinary education in Nigeria. We pride ourselves in the diversity of our programmes .
We offer Courses in Continental Culinary Arts, African Culinary Arts, Baking/Pastry Culinary Arts, Professional Chef’s Program and Online Programs.